By BN50
I have been teaching students with reading disabilities for many years.  Word Family Readers by Arlene Martin and Jenni Willoughby has all the necessary components of a successful, effective reading program.  It addresses different learning styles – auditory, visual, verbal and kinesthetic.  In addition, it is visually appealing, and it engages students with multi-sensory activities.  This program is a winner!

Really Well Done!
By bookgirl401
This is a great program for beginning readers.  I like how it progresses through phonics skills.  I am a teacher, and it would be great for students that are learning to read.  I’m using it with my own children as well.

Excellent Reading Program!
By Cindy
I a retired teacher of 35 years and I taught both special and regular education. I’m very impressed with the Word Family Readers program.
Items that I believe are particular helpful to teachers/parents:
*It is priced very reasonably.
*The lesson plans are easy to follow and complete.
*The Comprehension Quiz at the end of each book helps the adult measure the child’s comprehension of the books.
Items I believe make the app not only a teaching tool for children but also makes it fun:
*The child uses his/her sight, hearing and tactile modalities while using the program. This greatly enhances the learning experience.
*The graphics make it a fun and enjoyable time.
*There is a wide variety of activities to reinforce the mastery of the words.
*Tracing the vowel sounds while hearing the sounds strengthens fine motor and is fun for the child.
*The visual picture on the word cards help the child memorize the word.
This is a great tool for anyone learning to read!

Excellent Reading Program!
By Faith Lyman
This app is for new or struggling readers, or even ESL students. It is an amazing program with entertaining games and books. The student will begin learning the consonants and vowels by
tracing the letters and hearing the sounds. Then the student uses interactive games and activities to learn sight words and family words as they progress through the 68 books. I am so impressed with Arlene’s new app. She and her team of Jenni Willoughby (her daughter), Josh Koets and Dave Adams have created a remarkable app that will promote the love reading!

It Works!
My grandson loves this program. He really has fun doing the interactive reading with me, and he is so proud to do the review games and exercises all by himself on my iPad. He has learned and this approach really works! Program!

Great Program!
This comprehensive and fun program is for anyone learning to read!!

By Anita
The Word Family Readers program makes it easy to help any student learn to read. I highly recommend it!

This is a great resource and I’m planning to use it with my summer reading students.