The Word Family Readers Printable Program

This program is great for helping anyone learn to read including: beginning readers, struggling readers, those with learning disabilities and those learning English as a second language (ESL)!

Word Family Book Packages

Each of the 68 books can be purchased  as individual “book packages.” Each book package contains about 90 pages including the printable books (single sided and double sided), lesson plans and many learning resources.

The cost for an individual “book package” is only $3.00!     Save money by purchasing books in bundles or purchase the entire package at a deeper discount!

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Each Book Package contains the following printable materials:

1. Books: Single Sided and Double Sided
2. Word Picture Cards: Family Words and Sight Words
3. Word Cards: Family Words and Sight Words
4. Vowel Charts
5. Consonant and Vowel Letter Cards
6. Consonant and Vowel Picture Cards
7. Detailed Lesson Plan
8. Alphabet Writing Chart
9. Board Game
10. Student Checklist
11. Comprehension Quiz

Also included are games and lesson plans to Learn the Consonants.


1. Books:  Single Sided & Double Sided

These books may be printed as sigle sided or double sided.  They may also be read from the computer using the single sided books to save on printing costs.






Reading Books Together – The student reads the Family Words and Sight Words which are in large print. The teacher reads the rest of the words which are in small print.

The benefits of reading books together are:
• It helps the student to stay on task.
• It is less tiring for the student.
• It is a shared experience for the student and teacher.
• The stories are more interesting because the text is not
limited to only words that the student can read.


2. Printable Word Picture Cards: Family & Sight Words



The student learns to read words using Word Picture Cards. On a Word Picture Card, the word and picture are viewed together enabling both to go into the long term memory at the same time. When the student sees a word, he or she recalls the picture, which makes it easy for the student to recall the word. There are Word Picture Cards for all Family Words and Sight Words. These are the words that the student is expected to read in each book.


3. Printable Word Cards



There is a Word Card for each Word Picture Card. In the Lesson Plan the student matches the Word Cards to the corresponding Word Picture Cards to help him or her learn the new words for each book.  These Word Cards may also be used to review the Family Words and Sight Words.


4. Printable Vowel Charts

vowel chart




Use the Vowel Charts to help the student review the vowel sounds he or she has learned. These may also be referred to when a student is having difficulty remembering the vowel sound when decoding a word. There are Vowel Charts for each of the following groups:
– Short Vowels          – Long Vowels
– Vowel Teams          – R-Controlled Vowels


5. Printable Consonant & Vowel Letter Cards



Consonant & Vowel Letter Cards are used to spell words in the Lesson Plan.


6. Printable Consonant & Vowel Picture Cards





On each Consonant & Vowel Picture Card, the student views the letter and picture together, which helps the student remember the letter’s sound.


7. Printable Detailed Lesson Plan






The detailed lesson plan covers everything from introducing the student to the program to a step by step process, leading the student through your reading session.


8. Printable Alphabet Writing Chart





Use this chart to help the students write their letters correctly. The dot on each letter shows the starting place and the arrow shows the direction in which to proceed. This chart also serves to help the students remember the letters’ sounds.


9. Printable Board Game





Learn & reinforce the students knowledge of the Sight Words and Word Family Words with this fun game. Game rules and instructions are included.


10. Printable Student Checklist





The Student Checklist is an outline of the Lesson Plan for the student to follow. The student checks off activities as he or she goes through the lesson. This gives the student a visual overview of all that is to be done during the lesson and shows his or her progress. The Student Checklist makes it easy for  the student to stay on track.


11. Printable Comprehension Quizzes






Comprehension Quizzes are provided to help determine whether or not the students are absorbing what they read. The quizzes need to be read to the students and may be used with individuals, in small groups or in a classroom setting. Students may fill in the circle by their answer, or answer the questions verbally. These quizzes may also be used for group discussion. A convenient answer key is provided.


Learn the Consonants

Also included are games and  a lesson plan for learning consonant sounds! Students need to know the consonant sounds before starting the Word Family Reader Program.

Word Families + Word Picture Cards + Reading Books Together = Reading Sucess!


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